What is 5G technology and how does it work?


What is 5G technology and how does it work?

5G Technology In Hindi - Friends, in today's internet world, 4G internet has not come for a long time in India, but now we are getting to hear some 5G networks. Do you know friends that there are some countries in this world that are using 5G internet and preparations are being made to come to 5G network in India as soon as possible.

What is 5G technology and how does it work?

The biggest feature is the speed of 4G network, due to which people can get any kind of information in their computer in their smartphone faster, but friends, think about what will happen when 5G network is launched in India, then friends that day is not far. This is when the days of 5G network launch in India will also come.

If you use internet in a smartphone and you should know more about 5G internet in the coming time, so this post of today is brought only for those users who want to know that 5G network is done and When will the 5G network be launched in India and what will be the benefits of using it and the biggest feature is its speed.

If you want to get complete information related to 5G network topic right now, then today this post is going to prove to be very amazing and helpful for you, then to know, read our post carefully from beginning to end, then let's go friends now. We try to know about him.

What is 5G network?

5G i.e. the fifth generation generation of Cellular Communication Technology and friends tell for your information that the speed of this generation will be very high, due to which users will take only a short time to upload and share the data very easily.

5G network has not only included fast downloading and fast internet speed but also lower latency, which will be most important for technology-enabled devices such as IOT Device, Self Driving Car etc. in the coming era.

What is the speed of 5G internet?

Friends, if we now discuss about 5G network speed, then this speed will be more than 20gbs and apart from this we tell for your information that the maximum speed of 4G network at present time is 45 mbps, so according to this you can guess. The speed of 5G network is going to be much higher than 4G internet and you can upload and download anything very easily, then in the coming time 5G network is going to prove to be very beneficial for you.

When will 5G technology be launched in India?

Certainly we cannot tell you any fixed date for the arrival of 5G internet because it is not known about it because telecom companies will have to invest heavily to establish 5G network across the country and with that all telecom companies Will discuss whether Indians are fully ready to adopt 5G internet at good prices in place of cheap fast 4G data or not.

In this way you have come to know that there is no possibility of 5G internet coming and proper action is being taken on it right now, 5G spectrum action is being worked by the government, so there is no possibility of not getting it from time to time. Because of this you will have to wait a while for 5G internet, till then 4G internet is also working very well for you, you can not pick it up and giving more information for further

If we look at the same from the perspective of 4g network, then you will get more bandwidth here, due to which you will be able to download the file much faster along with doing fast browser and with that you will be able to take advantage of maximum bandwidth that When many users are connected to the internet, then there is no problem in internet speed.

How do 5G technologies work?

Friends, hail 5G network will come to our India, then its speed will increase a lot, then it will also work well, then it becomes very important for us to go, if we now discuss 4G, then here you will get signal. They do require high power tower calls to spread the radiator over long distances. And for the same reason that the way you would have seen tall towers in 2G 3G, in the same way in 4G networks, very large towers are located at high altitude.

Friends, if we talk about 5G network, then to translate 5G wireless signal with fake technology, different types of towers are installed, whose size is very small and these towers are placed on electric poles or on the roof of the house. is done.

Here it is very important for you to know that if 5G will provide high speed internet, then signals can be transmitted only in short distance in it. Friends, in the first generation, the lower frequency band of the spectrum was used in technology. So that we can cover our relative but the speed will be much less and the capacity will also be much less than the frequency range used in millimeter MWA 5G technology.


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