What is Damat Account ? Benefits of Demat Account


What is Damat Account ? Benefits of Demat Account

What is Damat Account - If this post has reached you today then you must have come to learn something new and we always provide new information to our user so that the user can always be aware of all kinds of information according to his need. We hope you enjoy all kinds of articles created by us, then today we are going to introduce you to a new information about which if you are going to explain more about this topic now.  If so, you will hardly know. If you want to get information from me, you have to read this post of mine carefully. If we are talking about a demat account, then maybe you are thinking of a general account 

What is Damat Account ? Benefits of Demat Account

Then it is absolutely wrong to think that if you know about the stock market, then you should know. That you have to do any kind of business. This requires an account. So friends, this is where we need a demat account, that is, when someone wants to trade in the stock market, it is very important to open a demat account, so here you can open both demat account and trading. ۔ the account. But there is a difference between the two but they both work in the same area. 

You may have seen these words used in many books, but here we are telling you about this topic through blog or website, the way we provide you with information in simple language. Are You are not understood in the language of books. Because Google has clearly stated that whatever question you have in mind, 

I will categorize it accurately and in honey words, then it would be better for you to ask people. The more accurate information you provide, the more it can be. Beneficial to you and your guests.

What is Damat Account ?

Today I am going to give you basic information about demat account, so here I will tell you through some points like what is demat account? What is demat account history? How does a demat account work? What are the benefits of a demat account? And what is the difference between a demat account and a trading account

So let's get to know all these points one by one. The full form of demat is dematerialisation. Demat is a type of account storage. Whenever we buy shares and we should have a place to keep the shares, so we can keep them in the account. Then the demat of this account is an account. 

If we explain to you in simple language, like all of you, there is a simple savings account in which you deposit your money and withdraw your money when needed, then similarly the shares purchased are kept in our demat account. And when we have to sell shares, we take out those shares.

What is the history of Demat account ?

In the past when there was no computer and internet, we used to buy some shares, then those shares were given to us through certificates, this certificate we got in the form of physical forum. It took a lot of time and we had a lot of responsibility because we had to keep this share certificate and show the certificate whenever we had to sell the share. But as computers and the Internet came into use, then the demat account came along, it proved to be very useful to us and all the physical certificates we had were converted into electronic data.

How does demat account work ?

The job of a demat account is to secure all the shares that you buy. What we do in a bank account is that when the money comes after the deposit, we can see the money in the form of electronics through internet banking. But there are some electronics and deposits on our funds. Similarly, whenever we trade in stocks and buy security stocks, we must have a demat account if we want to keep shares from people. If you do not have a bank account, if you go to deposit money in this bank account, you will not be able to deposit money, similarly when you trade stocks, you have to have share security, then you Demat account for this.

Benefits of Demat Account ?

  • Like Bank Locker, you can keep your safe in a demat account, you can transfer zero paperwork from one account to another.
  • All shares held in a demat account are neither stolen nor lost, nor are they damaged.
  • It is very easy to buy and sell shares, the lion can be bought and sold in a demat account.
  • You can buy and sell your shares via mobile wherever you want.

What is the difference between Demat and Trading Account?

Most people think demat account and trading account are one and the same, they don't know the difference between them, they make the same mistake, but for your information I want to tell you the difference between these two, whatever demat account Is inside Shares come and go but the buying and selling of shares takes place in the trading account ie the amount of buying and selling of shares stays in your trading account.

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