What is Stock Broker ? Types of Stock Brokers in India


What is Stock Broker ? Types of Stock Brokers in India

What is Stock Broker - If you have heard of stock market then you must know about stock broker and stock broker copy plays an important role because without the help of stock broker you can neither buy nor sell people's shares. Are Today, the stock market, the trend towards mutual funds seems to be increasing significantly. Ever since the internet spread in our India, everything has become much easier and people used to invest in the stock market only in big cities, but with the advent of internet people were online not only in cities but also in villages. Business started.

What is Stock Broker ? Types of Stock Brokers in India

That is why whenever you want to invest in the stock market, you should first take care of everything, then just use it so that you do not face any kind of trouble in the future, then today. My post is very important to you. . If you provide information today we are going to tell you what is Stock Broker 2022, we will try to give you the details so that you can get some basic information about the stock market. So let's get started and share this information with you step by step and tell you what a stock broker is and how important it is to us.

What is Stock Broker ?

You should all know that we cannot share directly in the stock market, for that we need any company or any form of arbitration, the company or the person who stocks our order. Works to reach the market. . What we call stock brokers, stock brokers can be any individual company or any form that is registered with the stock exchange. To put it simply, the company that charges our order from NSE or BSE is called a brokerage or brokerage, hence the company that takes brokerage to deliver our order to the stock market. What we call stock brokers.

How does a Stock Broker Work ?

Whenever we buy or sell a stock from the stock market, we have to open 1 stock market trading account in a stock broker, through which we can order in the stock market which shares we want to buy and how much. I want to buy Buy and Sell? So anyone who becomes a stockbroker delivers our order in a short time to the boy in the stock market, try to understand how this process works, 

Suppose you place an order from your trading account Is. If the order is to buy 20 shares of the company then the stock broker will deliver your order to the stock market, then the stock market will look for the company or the person who is selling the shares of his A company. 

So what's going on, you are buying shares and that person is sending shares, then he will process your matching order and deliver your order to you, he needs a middle man and He does it. And that's what we call stockbrokers.

Types of Stock Brokers in India ? 

There are two types of stock brokers as our service in India.
  1. Discount Stock Broker
  2. Full-Service Broker

Discount Stock Broker

This is a discount broker and you will know from the name of discount stock broker that whatever order you have in it, there will be brokerage fee in the morning and there is very low fee, here your order is less active in the market. Goes Money. Discount broker will not give you all the facilities that are provided by full service broker, you will have to research your portfolio and place order, I will have to handle it myself.

Full-Service Broker

By reading the name you will know that this type of broker provides complete services, it not only provides facilities for buying and selling shares but also provides many other types of services to investors and traders such as Stock advisory services including which city.

Buying and what percentage of tax to pay and when to sell it, all these services are given to you through full service broker. Whenever you are buying stocks, if you are short of money to buy those stocks, your full service broker will also provide you this facility. 

You can call from your mobile and place your order through internet banking or online application. If you are buying shares through an IPO (Initial Public Offering), the facility to buy shares as soon as possible is also provided through a full service broker. You also get full portfolio management facility.

Today through this post I have given you information about what a stock broker 2022 is and what a stock broker has done, I have provided detailed information about it and also told you that stock Any market information needed. All that is given is given by the stock broker himself and you need a broker to trade in the stock market and that is very important.

What is a stockbroker? I have given you a point about this topic. If you like my information, be sure to share it with your friends and if you have any questions you can ask in the comments below. Are

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